Texas Hold Em Strategy

Players without a strategy in their poker game are doomed from the start. You need to have a strategy and know what you are doing as you could lose a lot of money by getting carried away whilst on the table.

First thing to learn is to keep your emotions in check all the time and donпїЅt ever let the players around you read how strong is the hand youпїЅre holding by just looking at you. You need to learn to put on your poker face during the game; of course this is easier said than done especially if you are just starting to play your very first rounds of the game. Obviously if you are playing online, you need not worry about this as the players cannot see your face and/or emotions.

There are four strategies or playing styles and you will get to meet players with different playing styles.

  • Tight aggressive
  • Loose aggressive
  • Tight passive
  • Loose passive

The tight aggressive player is one that plays strongly only the best of hands. This type of player will see fewer flops than your average player but when he is confident enough to take part in the game, he will place big bets.

The loose aggressive, a.k.a the maniac, takes part in a lot of hands with both strong and not so strong hands. He tends to bet big in many hands and tries to scare other players off so as to “steal” the pot.

You cannot bluff when you have this type of player on your table, hence thatпїЅs why itпїЅs important to learn and identify the styles of play of all the players around you.

The tight passive player is one that plays only when he is confident enough that he has a very strong hand. Even though they might feel that they have a very strong hand, these players do not tend to bet big or raise a lot but just play it slow and go with the flow by checking and calling.

The loose passive player on the other hand is one that sees a lot of flops by participating in as many hands as possible with all kinds of hands. It is highly likely that these players will fold on the flop if they donпїЅt have a good hand and only call if their hand is reasonably strong or if they would like to see the turn.

In our opinion, the best style to have for being successful in poker is by mixing tight aggressive with tight passive. Mixing styles will make you unpredictable and this unpredictability will make you win big if you play your hands well.